2021 Spring Trends

Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trend Report

Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trend Report

By Amber Cusumano - Owner, Reflection Boutique

I don’t know about you, but after losing a year’s worth of seasons from Covid-19 lockdowns I am ready to do ALL. THE. THINGS!  And look good doing them!

Every year Pantone® has a color of the year which helps guide businesses in their creation of products for consumers.  In fashion, these are the colors that will dominate the runway and mannequin displays. So, after a dreary 2020 folks looked towards 2021 with hope and optimism so it comes as no surprise that this year’s colors are PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.

This combination of gray and yellow really speaks to me as we leave the hell of 2020 behind and move onwards and upwards to brightness! Let us look first at Ultimate Gray.  This is a basic, calming, staple color that pairs with many colors easily yet is not stark like black or white.  It is your foundation color – a solid background to play with as we head into Spring!  Now add in the pop of Illuminating yellow and you have a color mix that is on-trend and easy on the eyes.  People often shy away from yellows as it can be too vivid a color for those who prefer neutrals but by pairing it with gray you are able to add some color to your wardrobe in a less bold way.

Now that we know the trendy colors of the year and season, what are the other popular trends in fashion right now for your everyday woman? 

Tie dye

This really plays right into the colors of the year as I am seeing many tie dyes utilizing grays and yellows!  Grab a tie dye shirt or even shorts!  If that is too much for you, grab a cute tie dye headband like these Boho Wide Headband.  Plus, have you realized that we are in a retro world right now?!?! (And I am loving it!!) From throw-back toys to the new retro nails from Color Street giving me serious Saved by the Bell vibes! Which leads me to our next popular trend – NEON!


Neon yellows, pinks, greens are everywhere right now!  They are in the stitching of your basic black tees and even on stripes down your bags!  We are loving these Neon Bralettes to wear under your tees and tanks – so super cute!


Camo just continues to be a favorite but now there are so many colors beyond the army green we fell in love with.  There’s green camo, blue camo, gray camo, pink camo, beige camo and any other camo you can think of! Camo is a go-to for me personally! Black leggings or jeans and I will just throw on one of my many camo tops!  My customers obsessed over these Camo Overalls!

Aztec & Boho Feathers

Gaining some market share over the last few months have been Aztec designs and feathers!  Reflection Boutique has many tops sporting these designs and they are super fun to wear!

Animal print

I was always a lover of animal print and over the last few years it has come back strong.  People typically love leopard as it is the most popular animal print but now you see so many other patterns.  Cow print, zebra, and even dear! Worth mentioning here that there IS a difference between leopard and cheetah – yes, really! 


I can attest that even mixing any number of these trends works and are flying off shelves!  I’ve seen leopard print inside camo and color blocked mixed patterns of florals, animal, and camo.  The options are truly endless for you this season.  After being cooped up for a year… just get out, be bright, be bold, and be your beautiful self!




Amber Cusumano is the Owner of Reflection Boutique in New York. Not only does Reflection Boutique offer comfortable, stylish women’s clothing and accessories at an affordable price but her online community fosters women encouragement and body positivity.  She lives on long island with her husband and two sons. You can shop with Amber through weekly Live Sales via Facebook and the Reflection Boutique Apple or Android App.  www.reflectionboutique.com.

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