About Us



This boutique is what little girl dreams are made of!

As early as I could remember I always loved fashion!  From accessorizing with hats to my obsession of shoes, that would rival that of Imelda Marcos.  I would put pencil to paper and design clothing as a young girl which lasted well into my twenties just for fun.  It's amazing that it took me this long to realize my true calling! 

Through Reflection Boutique, I am able to focus on so much of what makes me, me!  I have set out to build confidence in ALL women by finding clothing that is comfortable and trendy that fits and looks great on all sizes and shapes.  It is my mission for every set of eyes that land upon my shop to feel that they, too, can look and feel gorgeous.  

The "Reflection Boutique Babes" are my own personal army of family and friends who will be modeling the clothes and chatting with you online.  We all have different body types and problem areas; we are right there with you!   We promise that we will do our best to eliminate any size envy you may have.

Don't worry, I got you. 

Remember, you are beautiful!