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When shopping the app you have 60 minutes from the time an item is added to your cart to pay. The system is automated so items will be deleted from your cart automatically if they expire.

Unlike stores like Target or Amazon, when you put an item in your cart it is held for you and taken out of inventory so others cannot claim them.  Therefore, we ask that you be kind to your fellow shoppers and do not claim anything you do not intend to follow through and purchase. If you mistakenly add something or change your mind there is an "x" to simply delete it from your cart. There is a little star in the upper corner of each item that allows you to "favorite" an item and by doing so you can return to your favorite list at any time and purchase at a later date, if still available - please use that function instead of claiming and not paying!

If you have time to shop, you have time to pay! Frequent non-payers of carted items will have their account shut off.