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Reflection Boutique

Reflection Surprise Bundles

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Here is your chance to score some serious swag! You are guaranteed to receive an AMAZING bundle that is valued HIGHER than what you pay!

You choose your amount and we will choose your products! Your bundles may include anything from our shop!  Tops, bottoms, jewelry, home goods, accessories, cardigans, outerwear, beauty!  The higher the cost of the bundle, the more variety!

*You will not receive something you already purchased, unless you select that it is a gift for someone else!*

Since some items may run small or large, don't be surprised if you selected a size "Large" bundle, for example, and see a size M top - if you do, that just means the top runs a size large! 

If you don't like surprises, this may not be for you. But if you have trust in us, this is a certain way to boost your wardrobe and score amazing items for less than retail price - WIN!


$50 bundles may include 2 tops OR a top and an accessory OR a top and bottom OR another variation. At the very minimum 2 items.

$75 bundles may include 3 tops OR a set and a top OR 2 tops and a bottom OR 2 tops and a piece of jewelry OR another variation. At the very minimum 3 items.

$100 bundles may include 3 tops, a bottom and an accessory OR 3 tops a piece of jewelry and a home decor item, OR a set and 2 tops and accessory.  At the very minimum 5 items.

All Bundles are Final Sale.